Where to find great yet cheap employee training

As a human resources manager, you are always needing to find new and interesting ways to train both newly-hired and current employees. However, as all budgets get tighter, this can become more difficult to accomplish this without spending much money. Fortunately, when you have to think outside the box you realize there are many ways to do this while coming in well under budget.

Employee mentoring

One great way to train all types of employees is through employee mentoring. Not only is this done essentially for free, but it also gives those employees who are picked as mentors a more active role in the business. The mentor’s self-esteem gets boosted by being recognized for their abilities, while the employee being trained gets to see that the company is willing to let its workers be involved in a take-charge role. There is no better way for an employee to learn a task than being taught by someone who has done it on the job. Mentoring not only does this, but also helps to establish good working relationships between workers as well as management.

Training videos

If in-person training isn’t possible, using corporate training videos is another way to accomplish training goals. The biggest advantage to these is they usually don’t take long to view, can be done individually or with groups, and allows you to tend to other duties while the employees are getting trained. Computer software is also another great yet cheap way to train employees. These usually come from the corporate offices, and can be installed or downloaded onto computers at our workplace. Just like videos, multiple employees can be trained at once, allowing you to train more workers in a shorter period of time while multi-tasking on paperwork or other activities.


Seminars are also good ways to train employees without having to spend much money. These can be interesting because you can use people from within the company such as supervisors, managers, security or medical personnel to train employees in such areas as first aid and customer service.

When some cheap training methods are needed, any of these will prove very useful to any company.

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