What is candidate relationship management?

Candidate relationship management has the fundamental goal of getting the best candidates possible for a particular job. When a position suddenly opens up in a company, recruiters sometimes find that it is very difficult to find qualified candidates to fill these positions. Candidate relationship management is a process by which recruiters locate and build relationships with talented individuals who might be interested in a particular position.

Candidate relationship management… getting the best candidates possible for a particular job.

A pool of candidates

The goal is to have a list of pre-screened candidates who can be immediately contacted when needed. The more qualified candidates that the recruiter is aware of, the faster that the recruiter can locate the ideal candidate for the position.

Candidate relationship management also refers to the tracking tools, databases, email, and other technologies that help recruiters locate the best candidates. These technologies make it possible for business to locate candidates and begin communicating with them early on. Some tools are designed to help visitors spread the word on the availability of a job opening, such as the “email a friend” tool. Other tools allow recruiters to enter in skills that their employees have in order to help recruiters keep track of the skills that the company lacks.


One strategy for locating candidates is to look for channels that can become effective pools for candidates. Good channels have a lot of members who know each other and have a wider network. The pool should also have candidates that frequently need work, for companies that have a high turnover rate, or often have highly trained members. Examples can include professional associations and charities.

Businesses that are struggling to find relevant candidates might try to spend more money on a job search. This means more advertising, more subscriptions to job portals and more job fairs. However, these efforts are also expensive and time consuming. Effective candidate relationship management practices can help hiring managers make the most out of limited resources and time, boosting the returns from each job posting.

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