What an Applicant Tracking System Can Do for You

Running a business takes a lot of time and effort and, particularly in certain industries, employee turnover can take up much of that time. Turnover is an inevitable part of doing business, but for small businesses, or those with high levels of turnover, the hiring process can really begin to become a pain. Hiring employees is a tedious and time consuming process that doesn’t just simply involve interviewing a small pool of perfectly qualified applicants.

Thankfully, technology has improved and provided ways to make these important, but time consuming aspects of running a business much simpler. Applicant tracking systems are software suites that take the time consuming and frustrating aspects out of the job posting, screening, and hiring process. The software helps to automate many aspects of the hiring process, leaving the hiring manager with the wonderful small pool of well qualified applicants. This software has the ability to do more than just help you quickly weed through potential candidates though.

Applicant tracking systems take the time consuming and frustrating aspects out of the hiring process.

This software makes job posting on a variety of highly visible recruitment or job search sites as simple as creating one job posting. The software compiles all the applicants into a sortable, searchable database. This makes for easy screening of applicants so you can weed out those who are unqualified for the position. Some system will also allow you to sort the remaining applicants by different variables such as skills, years of experience, and more. This allows you to search for potential candidates for different positions at the same time.

These features save small businesses a lot of time, while still helping to ensure that they have access to a pool of quality applicants. For businesses with a lot of employees, or a lot of turnover, applicant tracking systems have the ability to save human resources a lot of time. Time that was previously spent manually weeding through all the applications, screening out those who are unqualified or lack the skills of the job, and get the right applicants in for interviews.

Applicant tracking systems will save those responsible for hiring a lot of time and hassle, leaving them with more time for the most qualified applicants and attending to other business needs.

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