Chirk HR in action

Here is a short video of Chirk HR in action.


Hi this is Eric Davis. I wanted to show you a little bit about Chirk HR so you can get an idea of what’s in the app and what kind of features you can expect.

The main part of the app is tracking applicants, so right here you have an applicants list. This is a bunch of people who might have applied for your job posting. These are people who are going to go through the hiring process and eventually you are going to hire a few of them.

So you can see we have the basic: name, phone number, email address, you know, contact information.

And we can actually go and click on one and have a more detailed view of it. There is also a field here for notes. You might introduce someone and bring them into the first interview and say “Yeah this person is really good at marketing, they were really good at speaking, and a good communicator”. You can put that kind of information in the notes here. Then later on you can come back to them and say oh look here is the notes from before, I can use this to kinda tie in if you want to bring them in for a different job interview.

So if you go back to here you can see there is a search field on every part of Chirk. That’s a big thing, is the search. I’ve heard a lot of systems really suck at search. You can put all of your data in but you have to page through pages to find all your data. Search is basically one of the main features in Chirk. Right now you can use it to search on any field. So for example if you want to search for Dr; you can see these are all of the applicants that have Dr somewhere. Like some people it’s in their name, others might be in the notes. Just a basic list of them.

Another one, you can say. Say there is a town nearby, we will call it Lake Doryland. We can search for Lake. Looking through here, is the address. Lake Seth, Lake Emerald, Lake Doryland right here. So you can do a lot here. It’s pretty basic search, free-form text. We are going to be expanding it later on to be more advanced search later.

That’s pretty much what Chirk is right now. So you got your main applicants list, you can search, put details in. It’s multi user and everything.

Alright. Take care.

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