Why Tracking Job Applicants Only in Email is a Bad Idea


If you’re still tracking job applicants while only using email, stop. Please. Stop.

Email is a great tool for many things, but with a complex process like hiring you are way more likely to screw something up if all you’re using is email.

But what could go wrong you ask?

1. With email you’ll be spending a lot of your time searching for things. Possibly you’ll spend most of your time searching, than anything else.

2. Email makes it hard to bring in additional help. Whither it’s another recruiter, an assistant, or even an outside firm, you’d have to either give them access to your email or forward them a bunch of emails, which means you could miss one.

3. You never know how well a job posting will be received, sometimes you barely get any applicants and other times you get hundreds. Do you really want to have to keep track of hundreds of conversations in your email

4. Using just email, you’ll never have a clear picture of exactly where all of the applicants stand. Like who is ready to be interviewed, who you want to pass over, and who you’ve already screened.

These are just a few of a reasons you shouldn’t track job applications using only email. A dedicated applicant tracking system will solve all of these problems and can really improve your productivity at the same time.

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