Why You Should Track the Last Contact in an Applicant Tracking System


Keeping track of the list time you contacted each applicant is a great use of an applicant tracking system.

1. You can see how quickly each applicant responds. For some positions like sales or customer service, prompt replies are important.

2. If you work with a team of people, it becomes easier for someone to fill in for you in case you are sick or out of the office. They can use the last time you contacted each applicant to know if they should follow up.

3. For longer term applicants this can make it easier to run a “keep in touch” system. If you make it a priority to stay in contact with everyone at least every other week, then you won’t have the applicants wondering what happened.

Implementing a last contact field can be easy or hard depending on your applicant tracking system. Some systems might even come with it by default.

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