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Effective Follow Up Is Essential For Employee Training

Training programs often ignore the science behind how people learn. Within industry, materials are frequently presented with the expectation that the trained worker will retain skills learned during the presentation with no additional follow up. Introducing learning theory principles into a corporate training program can yield a better prepared workforce as well as a cost […]

When Will Your Organization Need Training Manager? 5 Potential Situations Explored

Is your organization in need of a competitive edge? Employee training may be the key to propelling your company to the next level. After researching companies, studies reveal that well-educated and trained employees will offer companies a significant return on investment. Employers should train all people within their organization from leaders to customer service. Here […]

Why Business Training Services are Almost Always in Demand – and How to Start Your Own

People often wonder how in a turbulent economy, training companies continue to thrive. It’s a curious phenomenon to examine. However, the answer is fairly obvious. The reason why these companies are always available and apparently flourishing is because there is a high demand for them. And this demand stems from the desire of people to […]

The Worst Ideas for Training

You’ve probably seen private companies making a lot of regrettable training mistakes which are shockingly easy to fix. Just about every company pays a fair amount of lip service to the idea that the best employee is a well-trained employee, but what mistakes can be seen over and over again? Check out some of the […]

How Employee Development Can Lower Turnover

Why Turnover Hurts Employees that are a fit in terms of skills, potential and culture/personality can be difficult to find. After their tenure with a business, competitors can benefit from what your previous employees know of your operations. Keeping an airtight lid on sensitive information is practically impossible. Turnover becomes a substantial expense considering the […]

What Makes A Training Program Successful? Tips For Evaluating Your Employee Development

If you are a business owner, manager, or human resources professional, then an important part of your job is cultivating the most productive workforce possible. Having experienced and well educated employees is the most effective way to long-term success for your organization. With this being said, training employees properly and in a way that allows […]

Manage day-to-day training

Now that you have created an employee database and built your employee history, you’ll need to keep those up-to-date. Depending on the size of your organization and how frequently things change, you might need to set aside some time every week or even every day in order to keep things current. There are three things […]