Simple Interview Process

You don’t need a complex or Fortune 500 style interview process. All you need is a way to communicate with job candidates and evaluate if they would be a good fit for the open position.

You will want to strike a balance between asking a few simple questions and many in-depth questions. The simple questions could help you fill in the blanks you have but in-depth questions will help you see how the candidate thinks and reacts in specific situations.

Group Interview

Depending on how many applicants you get, conducting group interviews as the first stage might be a good idea. Group interviews will let you quickly see who the best people are as well as see who can work in a group setting.

First Individual Interview

After group interviews, you could conduct individual interviews with those that you are considering hiring. Work history is important but if they are lacking some, try to concentrate on other aspects of their lives. Especially with recent economic times, many people will have gaps in their work history that are not under their control. Strong academic interest in a chosen field of study is also something to look for, whether school or post-school training.

Other Things to Look For

Some other things to look for when interviewing:

  • Try to ask questions to see how quickly they pick up new knowledge.
  • Use scenarios to see how they can think on the fly during their job. For example, make a pretend sales call when interviewing a salesperson.
  • Have them get up and be active in part of the interview, like with a whiteboard activity. Sometimes people can get be scared during the process but my getting them to move they might open up.
  • Ask them to explain what products and services they think your business produces.
  • Use a blend of simple, direct questions with some complex, open-ended ones.

Remember, the interview process isn’t just about you hiring someone to fill a position. You need to make sure they are a good fit for your organization as well as if your organization is a good fit for their life.

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