5 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Own Hiring Success

Whether you run a small business or a major corporation, your recruiting and hiring practices are critical to your success. As you move forward and try to keep up with the changing needs of your company, there are important elements to the company’s hiring process that need to be attended to on a regular basis. Without persistent and hard work in the area of recruiting, we can easily sabotage our own hiring success.

1. Incomplete Position Profiles

One sure way to derail your hiring success is to try and hire positions without having comprehensive position profiles in place. These are job descriptions that include the ideal candidate’s background requirements, job duties, and who the position would report to in management.

2. Updated Needs Analysis

A growing company experiences a lot of changes in its hiring needs and the only way to keep track of those changes is to constantly update the human resources needs analysis. When the company starts discussing possible new product divisions or new directions it wants to explore, you need to be ready to supply the personnel the company will need at a moment’s notice. There should be regular meetings between the human resources group and the company management to allow the human resources professionals to stay on top of and plan company needs.

3. Lack Of Networking

The next time that you are reading the trade magazines and see that your competition has hired one of the rising stars in your industry and you knew nothing about it, that means that you are not networking enough to keep up with your hiring needs. Your company should have an active file of key prospects that you stay in touch with on a regular basis. You never know what the next great industry talent will be interested in hearing an employment offer from your company.

4. Not Getting Employees Involved

When it comes to your company’s hiring success, you have no better ambassadors than your current employees. You need to develop an incentive plan that gets your current employees to talk to prospective new employees.

5. Always Be Interviewing

Even if you are not hiring, you should still interview candidates that have a strong skill set for your organization. Your hiring needs could change on a moment’s notice, and it is always good to have candidates on hand that can step in.

Hiring quality employees is difficult enough without you making the process more difficult by sabotaging yourself. You should develop good hiring practices to make sure that you always have access to quality candidates.

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