Recruiting Using Social Media

Many businesses realize the importance of getting involved with social media so they can build relationships with potential customers and increase sales. However, many of them don’t realize the potential that social media carries when it comes to recruiting new employees. With the right process, social media can be one of the leading tools to attract the best talent.

Brand Your Company as a Leader

One of the nice things about using social media is that you can brand yourself as an expert in your field. You can set up profiles on all of the leading social networking sites and start interacting with people in a particular niche. If you are knowledgeable and make an effort to genuinely help people, they will start to pick up on this. After a while, you will be able to attract some of the best people in the industry simply by doing this. The best people typically want to work for the best companies and this strategy can help people realize that you’re one of the best.

Search For Potential Candidates

Another way that you can use social media to recruit is by searching for potential candidates. For example, you could search for particular terms on Twitter and see which users are talking about them. You can then look through some different profiles and potentially engage some prospects before asking them to apply for a job. This can be a great way to find talented people who can meet the needs of your business.

Get Referrals

In some cases, you can use social media as a way to get referrals from other people. For example, if you have a lot of followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook, you can simply send out a message telling people that you are looking for a particular type of person for a job. You’d be surprised how many people can recommend someone good to you. Many times, the referrals that you get will be much better than what you could have procured from some other method.

Build Relationships

Although you may be familiar with using social media to build relationships with your customers, you might not realize that it is a good way to build relationships with job prospects as well. With social media, you can actually get to know someone pretty well before you ever get involved with them professionally. If you find someone intriguing on your social media sites, you can build a relationship and possibly a friendship with him or her. If you build enough relationships with people that you didn’t know previously on social media sites, you will have a network of people to potentially work with on future projects. For example, if you need someone to help you design a website, you might already be friends with someone on a social network that is a great Web designer.

By using these strategies, you can plug all kinds of talent holes in your business over a period of time.

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