Recruiting Using Niche Job Boards

Job seekers are proactive about finding their next position. Many of them have invested a great deal of time and financial resources to ensuring that they make the right online connections. Serious job seekers will often use a niche job board to find positions if they can find better positions than in a free for all job board.

Select a niche job board that caters to the needs of the type of professionals you’re looking for. There may be tools on the website such as articles, videos, or audio files that are there to educate the job seeker on current industry trends or how they can better present themselves during the interview process. Niche boards that update this information regularly often have repeat visitors who expect new information as well as fresh job leads.

Check each potential job board for a list of user testimonials. See if people are regularly finding great jobs through that particular website. View the advertising cost as a way of investing into the current business. Free job boards and classified free for all websites often do not have access to a high number of qualified applicants that a niche job board has.

Be specific with your requirements

Only receiving applications or resumes from people who have some training or skill sets within a specific industry helps cut down on the amount of time it takes to find someone to fill an open position.

Always clearly state the nature of the opportunity and how each person should respond within the ad. Employers may have a specific way they need applicants to respond to save their human resources departments time. Business owners that are seeking out independent contractors or home business representatives should not have ads that guarantee a set salary. Clarity within the ads is the best way to attract a person that actually wants the position. Remember, there will be less people seeing your ad but they will most likely spend more time reviewing it.

Track each ad

Track each ad that is created and placed on niche job board. Some ads may have a better response than others and some niche job boards will do better than others. Reviewing the number of visitors and the number of qualified applicants that resulted is the best way to see where advertising money should be focused. If there is a high number of visitors and few responses, work on improving the content and graphics within the ad.

Whenever you feel like your standard job boards aren’t bringing in the quality of applicants that you need, take a look at using niche job boards.

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