Creating a recruiting system for your business

Whether you are ready to hire your first employee or want to improve your hiring process, creating a recruiting system will help you find candidates who are a good match so they stay with you for years to come. Hiring an employee can be as simple as taking on someone who walks in the door. However, to ensure the most successful addition to your staff, there are a few steps you should take.

Job Description

Write a detailed list of the responsibilities, tasks and skills the new hire will need. Do not just give a vague job description, or you will waste time with applicants who do not have the skills you need or who do not want to carry out the tasks you require. Include the job description in your employment postings.

Interview Process

Create a step-by-step process for interviewing and hiring people. Will you handle all the work yourself? Will you have another manager screen candidates with an initial interview and then send you the top candidates? How many interviews will be conducted? When will you make the decision? How will you handle discussions about pay?

Job Postings

Times have changed since employers just took out an ad in the newspaper and waited for calls. Your local newspaper is still an important medium, but it is not alone. For starters, the paper probably has a website. Ask about pricing deals that bundle a help-wanted ad in the paper with one on the website. Here are other possible places to post your openings:

  • Your own website. Make sure your home page has a visible spot where people can easily click through to your job openings page.
  • Your email newsletters. Offer Web users periodic emails that list job openings.
  • Craigslist. Internet-savvy job candidates are likely to use this popular Web service to search for both local and telecommuting jobs, so make sure your posting is included in the list for your city.
  • Local job websites. Find out whether any other media or websites in your local market offer or even specialize in employment listings. If they do, sign up.
  • Local colleges. If you are willing to hire new graduates, find out how to get your posting onto the websites and into the printed career materials of local universities.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll have a recruiting system to find applicants who will be valuable additions to your staff.

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