A Realistic Approach to Hiring

The quality of a company’s employees will ultimately determine its success or failure. This is why it’s paramount to hire excellent employees with the required skill set to perform the job. Otherwise, the overall productivity and effectiveness of my business can suffer. In order to find top notch employees, there are several guidelines that should be followed.

What are you looking for?

One of the first things to do before even beginning the hiring process is to figure out exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate. To accomplish this, you should spend some time brainstorming and decide what traits the ideal candidate should possess. For example, one position might require an individual with strong customer service skills and another might require someone who can work well independently. Identifying these traits should help me make the right decision later on.

Interview more people

Generally speaking, it’s also smart to interview numerous applicants for a position. Even if the first candidate you interview seems to possess all the qualities and characteristics you’re looking for, it’s wise to not rush the process. This way, you can get a feel for several individual’s talents and find the most suitable fit for a position. If you commit to the first applicants you interview, you might miss someone who could be even better (though don’t take too long waiting for Mr. Perfect Candidate to come along).

Check references and background

Near the end of the interview process you should definitely check the references of a potential employee before hiring them. In order to make sure that an applicant’s information matches up with reality, it’s smart to contact at least two or three references. I don’t necessarily need to go over every detail, but simply ask references for an honest opinion on each candidate and see if his experience is validated. This should cut down on surprises later on once an employee is hired.

Tip: some employers are unable to give any information about the applicant’s previous performance. Sometimes you can work around this by asking the reference if they would rehire the employee later.

Hiring an employee can take weeks to months, depending on how strict your requirements and the position. The better prepartiation and organization you do upfront, the less stress the process will take.

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