Missing employee training opportunities


Both you and your employees have similar goals for training. They want high quality training that helps them improve and become a better person. You want employees who are better at their job and can improve the organization. Both of these goals are accomplished by helping the employee to improve.

Missed training opportunities

Most training departments are functional and are able to get the training that most employees need. But there are still training opportunities out there that even the best departments can’t find.

One way to improve employee training is to look for non-traditional training opportunities. Missing these opportunities are easy and you’d never know that you missed them.

Non-traditional training

While non-traditional opportunities might seem odd at first or perhaps even a bit strange, they might be a great opportunity for your employees. Some will cost much less than the traditional training courses, which is always a plus for the organization. Some of them will use different styles of instruction other than the classroom style that so many people despise. Other opportunities will have be about a topic that is so novel and different than the regular business training, that your employees will remember the training long after it’s done (and may even talk about it).

The downside to non-traditional training opportunities is that they aren’t as easy to find. You can’t just go to the ASTD catalog to pick a training, or call up a local college for a class schedule. That doesn’t mean you can’t find them though, you will just have to be on the lookup for them and notice when they appear.

Get 10 non-traditional training ideas

If you’d like 10 non-traditional training ideas, I can send you a 1 page report outlining a few. Download your report here.

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