Keeping Top Talent Away from Your Competitors

Attracting top talent to your organization is vital to the life of your company. Many managers find, however, that bringing in the best candidates is easier said than done. If you understand your ideal candidate and their needs, you can avoid losing him to your competitors.

It Starts With Your Job Description

The first step in attracting the best talent to your organization is crafting a job description that gets results. Don’t make the mistake of creating a cookie cutter job description to use for all of your candidates. Executive level candidates look for words in your job description that indicate the opportunity to grow within the company. They also tend to be interested in the company’s mission, corporate culture and track record. Tailor the description to highlight the features that the top talent seeks.

Watch the Subliminal Messages

Candidates look for benefits in a company that meet their individual needs. Recent graduates tend to look for fast-paced, energetic companies that put a high emphasis on creativity, flexibility and innovation. Part-time staff look for positions that work around their other commitments while full-time employees seek companies that allow them enjoy a place within the organization. They look at their jobs as an investment into a long-term career path. Your marketing materials should reflect these needs. Post your job descriptions in publications that match the needs of your ideal candidate.

Your Competitors Aren’t Just Talking Money

One of the biggest mistakes that hiring managers make when attracting top talent is putting too much emphasis on salary. While the best talent often command salaries to match, money is usually not the top motivator for high-achievers. Highly skilled and talented candidates look for a culture that meets their needs, work-life balance and a generous benefits package. At the top end of the talent spectrum, candidates seek positions that offer intrinsic rewards such as recognition, satisfaction and creative freedom.

Divide and Conquer

Take a page out of the Apple playbook to keep top talent away from your competitors. Apple lists jobs on their site and groups them by category. The headings “students,” “recent graduates,” and “executive” divide job postings, tailoring each section to the exact applicant they are seeking. Target your ideal employee by making clear distinctions in your search.

Getting top talent requires skill and finesse. By meeting the individual needs of your candidates, you can keep them out of the hands of your competitors.

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