Improve your sourcing with 1 simple question

Recruiting and hiring can be an art. There is a process to it but that process doesn’t always create the results you need. You never know if a job posting will draw 100 or just 1 applicant. With that much uncertainly, what could you do to improve your odds of hiring a great candidate?

Pop the question

The best way to find which of your job boards and sourcing efforts work the best, all you have to do is ask each applicant:

“Where did you hear about this position from?” ( Tweet Me )

Such a simple question right? But how many times have you been too afraid or forgotten to ask it?

Move past fear

Let’s deal with the fear first.

  1. You got into HR because you like to help people.
  2. By asking each applicant where they heard about your from, you can improve your sourcing process.
  3. When your sourcing process improves, you get better applicants, which turn into better employees.
  4. With better employees the business can grow and run more efficiency.
  5. This means the business has a better chance of not only surviving, but also hiring more people.

So if you put it all together: by asking each applicant how they heard of you, the business can grow and hire more people. Ask for feedback, help more people (get hired).

Now what about forgetting to ask?

Make it regular and remember

Have you ever forgotten to ask an applicant their name? About their past experiences?

I didn’t think so. Both of these questions are so critical to an interview that you’ve made them part of your standard interview questions. You’ll never forget to ask about those.

If you want to get feedback about your sourcing methods, you really need to make sure you ask how they heard about you. “Where did you hear about this position from?” must become one of your standard questions, even if it means you have to call each applicant individually and ask.

This feedback is an easy an inexpensive way you can improve your sourcing process. It is so simple, it can become automatic. Just like asking an applicant for their name.

The Big Picture

Now to wrap it up, once you have the answer for each applicant you need to put it somewhere. You could put it into an excel spreadsheet but it will become difficult to analyze it later on. With an applicant tracking system like Chirk HR, you can put this into a field for each applicant. The important thing is that you start asking and tracking “Where did you hear about this position from?”

Don’t have a system to track applicants yet? Signup for Chirk HR and get started today.

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