How to Hire Seasonal Help

Hiring seasonal help is much different that hiring full-time help, and although you may only be hiring for temporary work, it is often best to approach the hiring process the same way that you would a normal employee. Choosing the right candidates can be the difference between a successful busy season and one that is just average, so here are some ways that you can improve your seasonal hiring process this year.

Be Detail Oriented

When you are hiring seasonal help, you are doing so because you need to fill a gaping need for a busy time of your business. The last thing that you need is to hire someone with a lazy attitude or someone that just does not show up for work. That will cost you time that you don’t have in a busy season. So during this busy time of year, you need to be extra careful when hiring. Look at their clothes, hair, nails, how they sit, or anything else that may tip you off they may cause a problem. Being careful now will save you tons of time and money by not having to hire and train a new employee when your at your busiest.

Make them Prove Themselves

If you are hiring for people in the retail business, they need to be good when dealing with customers. Pull out the old sell me this pen trick. Sure, it is cheesy, but it is a fun and informal test to see how they can handle a situation on the fly. If they totally bomb this simple and fun exercise, you can be guaranteed that they will not be good with customers, which will cost you money you can’t afford to lose.

Hire for the Long Term

Many times, seasonal employees will end up becoming regular employees. While you will only choose the best employees in the end, sometimes you have to hire seasonal employees simply for the fact that you need the manpower for longer than assumed. Treat every candidate that comes through your door like they will be working with you for the next five years. If you think they will last that long and you can work with them for that amount of time, go ahead and give them a shot.

Hire Young for Best Results

High school kids that want jobs during the winter don’t have any commitments, so they can the best seasonal employees. If they pass your normal tests, then why not hire them for seasonal help? You know they will want extra hours, don’t mind working the weekends/nights and they will generally provide good, loyal help. Yes, not all kids are great hires, but for the most part, a younger person has less distractions to worry about than others that may be looking for work. Just be careful if you are looking for a longer term hire (above), once students finish their education they might want to move up, leaving you with an open position.

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