Hosting Group Interview Days

Hosting group interviews can be a great way to meet multiple candidates in a limited amount of time. There are many things to watch for if you are new to hosting. Not only do you need to run the group interview properly but you also need to prepare for it to make sure you don’t waste time.

Meeting room

The first stage of preparation is to make sure you have a meeting room with the following.

  • Large enough for everyone who will show up
  • Can seat people so the interviewers can face the group of candidates
  • Has all the equipment you need like projectors or whiteboards (don’t forget about whiteboard pens and erasers)

You’ll want to double and tripe check that you will be able to reserve the room. Having to scramble to find a backup room at the last minute would start the interview off on a bad note.

Food and beverages

Depending on how long the interview will be and what time it is, you may want to supply food and beverages. At the very least having a pitcher of water and cups available would help put people at ease. Coffee and tea would be another good option, especially for early interviews or during cold weather.

Longer interviews and ones around lunchtime should include some food too. Pastries, sandwiches, muffins, and fruit are all good options. If you have a full cafeteria you might try to take all of the candidates there for food. Not only would it make planning you lunch easy but they would get to see a company benefit firsthand.

Times and invitations

Finally you will want to double check the times you have scheduled and send out all of the invitations to the candidates. If there will be other interviewers, make sure to invite them too so they don’t forget. You’ll want to have people show up early so they can make it to the interview room on time.

Having group interview days can be stressful but with the proper planning they can really save you time interviewing. Just make sure you’ll have enough people to show up, otherwise that planning is for nothing.

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