The Cure For the Hiring Crunch

While the unemployment rate has decreased slightly, there are still millions of unemployed individuals who are all searching for a great job opportunity. Many have grown desperate to find a job in a tight labor market, and they have started applying for jobs that they are simply not qualified for. As a hiring manager, this makes your task of finding a qualified job applicant for your available positions more difficult. It is not uncommon for a hiring manager to receive hundreds of resumes for a single job opening, and sorting through all of these resumes to find the best candidates for the job can be difficult and time consuming to do. There are, however, a few steps that you can take to minimize the time and effort required to sort through the resumes.

Write an Effective Ad

One step that you can take is to prepare an effective ad that fully and clearly outlines the minimum requirements and skills that successful candidates must have. You should also outline additional skills and requirements that the ideal candidate may have. You can further limit the number of job applicants that apply by clearly stating information such as the defined work hours of the position, the salary range, the job duties and other details. As a final note, you may add verbiage that only applicants who submit a cover letter detailing why they are the best candidate for the position will be considered. This additional requirement may prevent job seekers from simply blasting their resume off, and those who don’t follow the instructions can be weeded out immediately.

Utilize a Job Placement Firm

Another step that you can take to minimize the time and stress associated with finding an ideal candidate for a specific position is to use a job placement firm. These firms will develop and place your ad for you, and they will sort through the multitude of resumes they receive for the job opening. You will be able to review a select number of resumes from the most highly qualified candidates, and you can interview those candidates to make the best choice.

There are dozens, hundreds or more of qualified applicants for many job openings, and there are even more job applicants who are not qualified for your job opening but who may still submit their resume in a desperate attempt to find a job. By following these tips, you may enjoy greater success in your efforts to find a suitable candidate for your opening while minimizing the time and effort required to do so.

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