Getting Ready with Chirk

Chirk HR was officially announced last week. This is an exciting time for me. Not only am I able to use my years of experience with software development but I’m also able to build something that fills a huge need in the market.

I’ve been following the hiring market for a few years now, first informally and now actively. One thing I’ve noticed is that it is in a odd state right now.

Many people are out of work, but hiring departments are still having difficultly filling their positions. One cause that has been proposed is a skills gap, the people available to work don’t have the skills needed and the people with the skills aren’t available to work. I think this is part of the cause but it can’t be the only cause for the state of the market. In later articles I hope to expand on this and some other theories I have.

For now, I want to improve Chirk so it can solve this problem for a few employers. Maybe it won’t work for everyone or it will only partially solve their hiring problems. But, even a small improvement could payoff.

Chirk is still under development. I’m almost ready to let a few people in but there are a few things I want to finish first. Once it’s launched, I have several ideas for the product roadmap.

P.S. If you came here directly, make sure you register to be notified of Chirk’s launch.

Eric Davis

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