From Applicant Tracking System to Training Tracker – ChirkHR’s Pivot

I recently did a major update to ChirkHR. Previously, it was a simple applicant tracking system (ATS) for recruiters to find and hire the best talent. After several months and getting some feedback from customers, I’ve decided to change the direction of ChirkHR.

ChirkHR’s Original Goals

My original goal with ChirkHR was two sided:

  1. first to help businesses hire the best candidate for the job, and
  2. second to make the hiring process more efficient for everyone involved (the employer and the candidate).

The underlying goal from both of these was to help people improve their circumstances (though getting a great employee or getting a new job). While I still believe in that, I know now that my approach was too ambitious.

An applicant tracking system was too large of a system to build and deliver to customers.

Instead I took another look at my foundational goal of improving the employees, and went back out to the market to see if there was another way to help.

Help improve a business through its employees

Instead of trying to improve the efficiency on the onset of the employer/employee relationship with hiring, I found that a lot of the improvement (or lack of) is once the employer/employee relationship has already started. Or to put it another way, an employer will only hire one person once but there are many other opportunities for the employee to improve after they are hired.

The previous version of ChirkHR focused only on the hiring process so there was only one opportunity for improvement per position.

Once I realized this, I discovered a slightly different area of HR: training and development.

Trying to Improve Training

Every employee will receive some training from their employer. When they are hired it’s typically part of their new employee orientation. Then throughout their career training comes up as refresher courses to maintain their skills, new training to teach them new skills, and mandatory training such as like harassment and safety.

Each of these training sessions are opportunities for the employer and employee to become more efficient and effective. There are hard quantitative factors like “could the training class be faster or cheaper?” (cost-cutting) but qualitative factors will always have a greater impact. Was the training successful in teaching the employee? Did the concepts stick? Is the employee able to grow and develop?

With more opportunities to improve and a larger number of factors that go into training, building software to improve training and development would have a larger impact for both the employer and employee.

All new accounts will be able to use the training features

With the new direction plotted I’ve been working on a new set of features for ChirkHR to move it away from applicant tracking and into training and development tracking. This week these features were enabled for every account and all new accounts.

Existing account will continue to have access to the ATS until July 1st

For the existing accounts, I’ve kept the applicant tracking system in place but those features will be phased out by July 1st. If you are using the applicant tracking features, I’d like to make the transition process for your applicant data as painless as possible. If you’d like to export your data to take to a new ATS vendor I’d be happy to work with you to export what’s in place. You can contact me here or by email at


I’m really excited about the new training features and by the early feedback I’ve gotten already. If you’re a trainer or responsible for your employee’s training I’ve love to chat with you about a few things. You can email me directly here or at

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