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A large portion of your setup with a training tracker is to enter your employees and training data. Depending on how far back you go with your employee history, this task could take quite a bit of time.

In order to help you get started quicker, I’ve added an employee import system to ChirkHR. With this you can import a CSV file of employees and the system will automatically create them for you. That means you can import 10, 100, or even 1,000+ employees in just a few minutes.

The import can also be done at any time. For example, you can start using ChirkHR and add a few employees by hand. Then after the evaluation, you can go and import the rest of the employees at your organization.

You can use import multiple employee files. Lets say you decide to rollout ChirkHR department-by-department. You can start by importing the employees in HR department. Then you can do accounting, then finance, etc.

There are many other ways you can use the import system to save time. If you come up with a novel way, I’d like to hear about it.

How to use the Employee Importer


  1. The first step is to download the CSV template file. You can find this by logging into ChirkHR, going to the Employees section, and clicking the Import Employees. You’ll want to download a new copy of this file frequently, since new fields and formats may be added from time-to-time.

  2. The second step, is to open the CSV file in Excel and start entering you employee information. If you are typing them all by hand, be prepared for this to take some time. If you already have a CSV file export from another training tracker or HRIS system, you should be able to copy and paste some of that data into the ChirkHR format.

  3. Once you’re completed entering your employee information into the CSV file, export it making sure to use the CSV file format. Sometimes Excel wants to save the file to its xls or xlsx format which is not compatible with ChirkHR at this time.

  4. Finally, back on the Import Employee page of ChirkHR you will want to click the button to upload the CSV file. After a few minutes of processing, ChirkHR should have imported all of your employees.

If there was a problem with the CSV file or an employee had invalid data, ChirkHR will cancel the entire import and show you exactly what went wrong. This is so you can edit your import file to correct the error and re-import again without having worry about getting duplicates imported.

If you’d like help with formatting the import file or with anything else about the employee import, contact me and I’ll help you out.

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