Do You Have an Emergency Hiring Plan?


All companies who wish to stay competitive despite shifts in the economy should have an emergency hiring plan. I know that it seems a little hard to believe that companies need to be ready with an emergency hiring plan with so many unemployed and underemployed workers now in the job pool, but developing an emergency hiring plan is important for a variety of reasons. Industries that already face a significant shortage of workers and those which employ people with specialized skills especially need to establish an emergency hiring plan.

What is an emergency hiring plan?

An emergency hiring plan is the documented way that a human resources manager plans to handle any staffing shortfall. The plan should include sources of potential job applicants such as university career centers, alumni job boards, or trade school job placement program offices. Human resource professionals and recruiters should also have planned ways to attract and keep top talent once desirable candidates have been identified. An organization’s human resources department should have established emergency hiring plans before a hiring crisis occurs to handle emergencies more effectively and efficiently.

Predicting shortages may help

Analytically inclined human resource managers may use computerized tools to help predict periods of labor shortages within selected industries. Analysis of metrics relating to college and trade school graduates, industry consolidation activities, and industry retirement statistics may help guide the establishment of emergency hiring plans. Human resources managers who conduct this level of analysis are armed with information that can serve as an early indicator of a company’s need to carry out its emergency hiring plan.

Plans will be industry specific

The urgency to develop emergency hiring plans are greater in certain industries than in others. The healthcare industry immediately comes to mind when I think about industries that already face labor shortages. Nurses of all skill and experience levels are needed at home and abroad. Hospitals and the growing senior at home care facilities rely heavily on these professionals to fill key positions within their organizations. If these facilities do not have emergency staffing plans, life saving operations could be hampered.

Certain scientific research organizations should also be ready when it comes to possible employment shortages. The workers employed with these organizations usually have specialized skill sets which they have cultivated over many years. Human resources managers must have a plan to find, attract, and keep employees with specialized skills to keep company operations running smoothly.

If emergency hiring is a matter of national defense, the government institutes the military draft. All other organizations need emergency hiring plans to be able to quickly find and hire the candidates they need.

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