Small, Medium or Large Business: Does Size Really Matter When It Comes to Hiring?

If you are a human resources manager, then it is your job to know your company better than anyone else. Whenever someone asks you a question about the direction or needs of your organization, you should be able to answer those questions on the spot. I have seen situations where the human resources manager was much more effective at selling the company to prospective investors than even the CEO.

But when it comes to hiring, the question of business size always seems to enter into the equation. You can’t always judge a book (business) by its cover though. Thanks to the Internet, companies today can make themselves look as big as the largest corporations in the world. The trick is to be able to back up that kind of image with the right level of customer service and staffing.

The size of your company does not really matter when it comes to recruiting. What does matter is what your company has to offer candidates in terms of opportunities and challenges.

When size does matter

The one time where size may be a consideration is when you are trying to wrestle top talent away from the larger corporations. The bigger companies have all of the money and can offer the big compensation packages. As a human resources professional, you need to be able to leverage the potential of your organization and use that to attract top talent.

If a candidate says they are talking to one of our larger competitors and can get a larger compensation package, you will need to counter that with.

To appeal to his financial side you can offer partial ownership or revenue sharing. Appealing to his career motivation can be done by giving him a more prestigious position, better chance of advancement, or highlight the cooperative nature of your organization (as opposed to the cut-throat competition inside large multinationals).

What about appearing bigger than you are?

Medium companies can always put on the appearance of being a larger organization, and that can help attract top talent as well. While medium companies may not always have the deep pockets that larger companies do, candidates might rather be a successful executive in a medium sized business rather than just another office dweller in a larger company.

The size of your business can matter when it come to hiring. But it is only a hindrance if you allow it to be.

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