Do It Yourself Hiring

Finding the best employee is a difficult task. I find that it is something that can be done well if care is taken throughout the entire process.

1. Shuffle or reorganize the existing department

When it comes to hiring, a company needs to first take a look at the position and if there needs to be any re-tooling before the job is posted in public. This is a great time to possibly change job requirements and reorganize the structure of the particular department in question. This is not always a popular thing to do, but I know that there can often be great results of the new arrangement and new positions.

2. Set a hiring timeline

After the staffing structure is known, a plan needs to be set in place as to the hiring timeline. I find that if this is not determined ahead of time, it is all to easy to either drag things out or hire too quickly. Determine how long the position will be posted, how long interviews will be conducted, and by what date the position should he filled. When it comes to conducting interviews, there may be the need for initial and second interviews. This varies from one company to the next.

3. Learn hiring techniques but don’t worry about perfection

For the person that has limited experience when it comes to hiring a new employee, there are a lot of resources available to make this process go more smoothly. There are online resources, books and more that can offer insight. Every employer is different, and because of this, the hiring style varies from one person to the next. This can also vary a bit when it comes to hiring for different positions. It does take time and experience to become comfortable with performing interviews, so a person should not get discouraged or too nervous when conducting these.

4. Post the position to the job boards

Positions can be posted in many different places, so finding the right job board is essential. This will certainly be variable. In some cases, there may be a phase where the position is listed internally before being published elsewhere. There are many local newspapers and online job boards where the position can be listed. Budget as well as the desired response and applicants will dictate where to post.

5. Keep track of all applicants

Every person who applies is a potential employee. Keep track of each and every one, even if they are not qualified for the position they applied for. You might be able to hire them for a different position or even create a position for them. Chirk HR’s applicant tracking makes it easy to save each applicant and review them later.

6. Interview the applicants

Next, selecting the best candidates and schedule interviews for them. You can use a simple interview process to start with and make changes as you go.

7. Offer the position to the best candidate(s)

Finally, you’ll want to offer the position to the best candidates. Make sure you have a few options in case your top pick declines the offer. Congratulations, you’ve just hired an employee.

With these few simple steps in mind, positions are sure to be filled with the best possible candidates.

What hiring tips would you like to share?

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