Chirk’s Goals

With Chirk getting ready to launch I wanted to take some time to write down my goals and reasons why I built Chirk. As I mentioned previously, many businesses are having trouble finding qualified applicants to hire.

My goals with Chirk are to:

  • Give businesses a tool to track and reuse past applicants for future positions, instead of starting over and throwing away 99% of their results.
  • Make it easy to stay in contact with star applicants and the talent that could transform a business, but who aren’t necessary ready to be hired.
  • Have an objective and quantifiable way to rate applicants, from person to person over a long period.

Each version of Chirk will get closer and closer to these goals. My hope is that it will improve the hiring process for HR departments and help get some great people hired.

P.S. Chirk will also evolve based on your feedback. If you have an idea or something you hate, post it below and maybe that could become a new driving goal.

Eric Davis

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