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From Applicant Tracking System to Training Tracker – ChirkHR’s Pivot

I recently did a major update to ChirkHR. Previously, it was a simple applicant tracking system (ATS) for recruiters to find and hire the best talent. After several months and getting some feedback from customers, I’ve decided to change the direction of ChirkHR. ChirkHR’s Original Goals My original goal with ChirkHR was two sided: first […]

Trial notification errors

Today I noticed that trial system in Chirk HR hasn’t reported in for a couple of weeks. This system is responsible for sending email notifications before a free trial expires. This means that if your trial was expiring in the past few weeks, you wouldn’t have been notified about it. Whoops I’ve fixed the source […]

Chirk’s Goals

With Chirk getting ready to launch I wanted to take some time to write down my goals and reasons why I built Chirk. As I mentioned previously, many businesses are having trouble finding qualified applicants to hire. My goals with Chirk are to: Give businesses a tool to track and reuse past applicants for future […]

Getting Ready with Chirk

Chirk HR was officially announced last week. This is an exciting time for me. Not only am I able to use my years of experience with software development but I’m also able to build something that fills a huge need in the market. I’ve been following the hiring market for a few years now, first […]