Boost Your Hiring Skills in 1 Easy Step – Following Up With Potential Employees

Now that the resumes have been sorted, interviews have been done, and you have to make your decision on potential employees – where do you go from here? Well, sure someone will get hired, but what do you do in the time that you are considering the qualified candidates? The answer is pretty easy, yet a lot of potential employers do not follow this one simple step that can ensure they keep the best possible candidate from running away: the follow up.

It is proper hiring etiquette to provide some type of follow up with candidates that you are seriously considering for the job, you know, the ones on your short list. You want to make sure that you let each one of them know a basic estimate of how long you expect the process to take, if there will be a second or third interview involved, and how you will notify the candidates once you have made your selection.

Over the last couple of decades, it has become a common practice to make a decision and only let the person hired know. Other candidates never receive a letter, email, phone call, or other communication that let’s them know they were not selected. So, they sit and wait, call the company to follow up, and might even miss other opportunities because they are still waiting on you. Do not let this happen. It puts off a bad signal to potential employees and you never know when you may have another opening that one of these candidates is qualified for.

If you find that there is a change in any information you have given potential employees about the time frame, you might provide a simple email, postcard, letter, or even phone call to the person. This keeps them in the loop and keeps all of those phone calls from bombarding the company with questions. Plus, it’s simply polite and good etiquette to ensure that potential employees are kept in the loop.

Simply think back to the times you were searching for a job, would you rather have had companies keep you informed on time frames or keep you in the dark? How many times did you make calls to companies to follow up on interviews because you were never told anything about the position or a time frame for hearing back from the company? If you consider how the potential employee feels when searching for a job and how you can ease the phone calls for them following up by a simple letter or email, you will quickly understand how this process will help you gain the best employees possible and still keep a great reputation.

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