BEWARE! Hiring May Be Hazardous to Your Culture

You may not realize it, but hiring new employees can indeed be hazardous to your corporate culture. Many companies today boast that they have an amazing corporate culture that encourages and rewards innovation, creativity, hard work and other coveted characteristics. All too often, however, employers take the opportunity that a new job opening creates to look beyond their own walls and hire a new employee rather than look at the talent they currently have. This can damage your company in a number of ways.

Developing Poor Morale

When you preach that your employees will be rewarded for their hard work and innovation but act in a contrary manner, you ultimately can develop poor morale within your organization. Your employees can feel slighted and unhappy that they were not considered for a promotion that they feel was deserved, and they may even grow to resent the new hires. Poor morale may not be isolated to handful of individuals either. Others may believe that a hardworking co-worker should have been considered for a job that they were overlooked for, and this only serves to demotivate them from putting forth their best effort too.

Top Employees Look Elsewhere

When your top employees who are hardworking and innovative begin to see that the public image of the company to promote and advance employees who are deserving does not jive with the actual culture of the company, those employees may begin to look elsewhere for employment. The best employees in your company may leave, and you may notice that churn becomes more common and even problematic for you. People who have aspirations to advance their career in some way are not encouraged to stay in an environment where they feel they have already reached their peak.

The fact is that hiring from outside the company can indeed be hazardous to your company in many ways. Speaking of career advancement opportunities and job promotions during the hiring process may encourage individuals to accept a job offer, but retaining your best employees may be another thing. The best employees may work hard in their jobs due to their desire to advance their careers, and when this possibility seems to be erased within your own work environment, bitterness and discontentment will fester until those best employees leave the company to advance their careers. While hiring from outside the company is beneficial in some cases, in many cases, it may be more advantageous to consider how hiring from within can promote morale and improve corporate culture.

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