Judging the aspects of an applicant


In order for a business to thrive and have long term success, it needs to have high caliber, professional employees. To find those employees, it usually requires looking for various aspects of an applicant.

What are you looking for?

The first thing you should do is determine what specific skills are needed to adequately perform the job you are hiring for. For example, one position may require someone with great analytical skills while another may require someone with excellent interpersonal skills. Understanding what a position demands should help find the best person while streamlining the process and avoiding wasted time.


Another important aspect of hiring is having an effective means of pre-screening potential employees. One of the most efficient ways to sift through piles of applicants is to adhere to a pre-screening process. This might include only interviewing applicants that meet certain educational requirements or that have a certain number of years experience in a particular industry. Doing this is a great way to ensure that all the individuals you interview are qualified and capable of performing the duties that a position requires.


You should also have a basic idea of what type of character and personal characteristics the ideal person will have. For example, maybe you’re looking for someone who is outgoing and a natural leader. Maybe you’re looking for a person who is highly driven and knows how to work well independently. Knowing what attributes to look for is a great way to quickly move through the hiring process and filter out individuals who aren’t a good match.

Interview questions

Along with this, you should develop a few standard interview questions to ask. These don’t need to be overly elaborate but might include something like asking what potential employees would do when faced with a certain situation. Due to the fact that you can only tell so much about a person through a resume, asking different candidates the same set of questions should give you a better idea of their personalities and work styles.

Culture Fit

In addition, you should be able to determine whether or not a potential employee’s personality will fit in with your company’s culture. Sometimes employees with outstanding skills don’t mesh and fit in simply because their personality doesn’t jive with the rest of a company. For this reason, you should be able to spot individuals that could potentially fit in well with other employees.

Not every applicant will be perfect or even great in all of these aspects. You will need to balance which parts are important to you, your organization, and the position you need to fill.

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