8 Drawbacks to Hiring Without A System

Having a hiring system in place can streamline your hiring operation while also removing the worry and stress. Hiring without a system or process is possible, though there are many drawbacks.

  1. There is no clear process so communicating with your department on how each rec is doing can be difficult. This leads to…
  2. Misunderstandings about who is doing what at any given time. Is Jim or Sally hiring for the Java Engineer?
  3. Without a process, even communicating the status of each rec becomes a challenge. Did this just get started, or is it at the final interview stage?
  4. A software based system can keep track of historic information which makes reviews of the past process easier. Even a paper based process can be reviewed. Without any process though, it is impossible to review past performance because you’re not comparing similar things.
  5. The risk of making mistakes without a system goes up. A missed piece of paperwork or an incorrectly done task could open up the company to ligation risk or fines.
  6. Summarizing results becomes near impossible without a system in place. Especially for executive management, summarizes can be an important part of showing HR’s value to the rest of the organization.
  7. When a system is combined with metrics it can be used to forecast and model potential future events. This can help with capacity planning as well as allow the organization to get the people it needs, in the places it needs them the most, before they are needed.
  8. Without a system in place, it can be difficult when someone is absent or leaves the department. They’d have to hand off all of the work in such a way to communicate where they stopped, what they are doing next, what else needs to be done, and to pass off the communication channels.

I hope these examples show you why having a hiring system in place is important. It doesn’t have to be large and complex either, I’m a fan of starting with a simple system like a checklist and growing it over time. The important thing is that you have a trusted system that you use.

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