10 Unconventional Ways To Find New Employees

As employers, we tend to ask our employees to come up with creative solutions to problems, but we don’t always try changing something that works to see if there is a better way. Utilizing the same tactics to find new employees can also result in weak candidate searches. Here are 10 unconventional ideas for finding new staff:

  1. Social Media Recruitment — People are already connecting with your company via social media. It makes sense to post job openings on your social media accounts too. Make the post engaging, and include contact information or a link to an online application.
  2. Hiring Contests — Advertise a contest with a position at your company as the prize. Consider using a real project or an existing problem for the contest to more accurately judge submissions. Take the top three or five submissions and invite the contestants in for an interview.
  3. Temporary Employees — Think about using a temp agency to get staff for projects with a set end date. Temporary employees come to you knowing that the length of the job will be short, but they usually bring talent, professionalism and enthusiasm to every project.
  4. Consult the Department of Labor — Many state labor departments have agents available who will recommend qualified candidates for your open positions. This service often comes without any charge.
  5. Ex-Military Personnel — There is rarely a pool of candidates who will work as hard under pressure with as much innovative thinking as ex-military job seekers. Start by getting in touch with local, state and national agencies dedicated to helping ex-military personnel adjust to civilian living.
  6. Friends and Business Acquaintances — Take advantage of your connections and networking. Ask for names, and don’t be afraid to reach out to potential applicants directly.
  7. Throw Convention to the Wind — Business-professional clothing and grooming does not appeal to many talented individuals, and it is sometimes unaffordable by some. If it isn’t necessary to your business’ image, consider tossing the company dress code and using its absence as a recruitment tool.
  8. HR Research Firms — Using an HR research firm can cost several thousand dollars. However, the experience of having a candidate who fits right in cherry-picked from piles of applicants is often worth the expense while saving time and money in the end.
  9. Community Social Services — Government and non-profit community social service programs can often pair your positions up with qualified candidates who may not otherwise see your advertising. Finding applicants through these agencies is also a great way to improve your company’s social image.
  10. Competing HR Departments — Companies that are going through downsizing may be willing to send candidates your way. Get in touch with their HR departments to find out if they have a program in place for assisting affected employees with continued employment.

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