10 Tips for Overcoming Recruiting Objections

One of the greatest frustrations a recruiter faces is a perfect candidate who objects to a job offer. The following tips can help you deal with objections:

1. Practice – Write down logical arguments to common objections and practice them so you can respond so quickly and smoothly to objections that a candidate doesn’t have time to find additional fault with your offer.

2. Build Trust – Act less like a telemarketer. Explain immediately who you are and how you heard about the candidate. Outline that you’ve researched his background and truly believe he is the best choice. If he still objects, give him your website and contact information so he can research your background.

3. Arrange a Callback – Attempt to schedule a date and time to follow up with a “busy” candidate to force him to add you to his schedule and to show that you’re serious about hiring him.

4. Create Interest – Don’t spout empty statements about your company, such as “You would love working here.” Explain in detail what makes your company different.

5. Actively Listen – Instead of countering objections with only your sales pitch, listen to the candidate, repeat his objections to acknowledge that you heard and understand his perspective and then…

6. Respond Accordingly – If a candidate adamantly objects, ask permission to respond. If he says no, ask him if you can keep him in mind for future positions. If he seems open to hearing more, use the arguments you practiced.

7. Give Time – Advise a candidate that you don’t need an immediate answer, if possible, so he doesn’t feel like you’re pressuring him into a decision. Share your recruitment schedule and attempt to arrange a callback.

8. Offer V.I.P. Treatment – Make the candidate regret his objection. Send him a gift basket with a written description of the job and benefits. Include a note thanking him for his time, while expressing an equal measure of understanding and sadness about his choice.

9. Negotiate Win – Candidates often want to feel like winners. Leave yourself room to offer additional salary or perks so when the candidate objects, you can let him win one negotiation point.

10. SMILE – No matter how informative or professional your pitch, if you’re not smiling while you talk, your voice might lack the enthusiasm and warmth needed to sway a candidate.

Once you start using these 10 tips, you’ll find that you’ll break though most of the common recruiting objections.

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