10 Best Things to Do When Recruiting on a Budget

Recruiting new employees can be a full-time job, but it is not always something that you have time for. When you are running your company on a tight budget, you are always looking for ways to save money. There are plenty of ways that you can recruit new employees without spending a fortune.

1. Use Online Resources

It only takes a moment to create an online form that you can put on your website to use as a recruiting tool. Even better, if you can track your applicants online you can review it whenever you want and keep it organized using any kind of filing system you feel is appropriate.

2. Get Your Staff Involved

You can create a small incentive plan that will encourage your current employees to look for new recruits for your business. It is cheaper than advertising the position and it gives your current employees a vested interest in the success of your company.

3. Keep Networking

It pays to always have business cards on you and give them out to the people you meet that may fit your employment needs. Networking with people is free and effective.

4. Social Networking

You should already be using free social networking websites to market your products and services. You can use those same social networking outlets to announce job openings and field applications from qualified candidates.

5. Community Message Boards

People always take free resources for granted, but they can be extremely effective. If you are looking for a new employee, then post a flier on the community billboard in your local library or city hall and include tear sheets with your company phone number.

6. Reach Out To Colleges

The colleges in your area all have active employment programs for their students to use. When you get your company involved in those programs, you will have scores of qualified candidates to consider.

7. Subtle Messages

Include a recruiting message in your email signature and on all of your business cards. As more people see these messages, you will increase your recruiting exposure.

8. Family and Friends

It is always free to circulate new job openings in your company among your family and friends. These can often be the best referrals you will get. Just make sure you don’t hire someone who isn’t a good fit because of a personal obligation.

9. Past Applicants

Always keep an active file of qualified candidates who have applied to your company in the past. When you are recruiting on a budget, it never hurts to review past information to find resolutions to current issues.

10. Internet Searches

More and more candidates are investing in websites to host their resumes and job hunting information. You should do regular Internet searches to find the candidates you are looking for.

Recruiting for new employees does not need to be expensive. There are plenty of inexpensive ways to find qualified employment candidates.

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