Spend more time training and developing your employees…

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…and less time on administrative work

Not knowing where your training costs go

Training can get expensive. Especially once you consider the cost of the facilities, materials, time you spend preparing, and the time of everyone in the training. That doesn’t even include third-party training.

How easy is it to keep track of all of those costs? Could you easily answer “Was that leadership seminar more expensive than it was last year?”

It would be nice to see the total cost of your training.

The best use of your limited training resources

Every organization has a fixed amount of resources. You might be able to get more but you’re still limited with what you have to work with. With a long term investment like training, you need to clearly see the effects your training has on employees and steer them on the best course.

Is building a budget becoming a pain?

If you had a clear picture of your costs and a clear picture of your employee’s needs, creating a budget would be a cinch. I’m talking about a real budget, not a budget that is “like last year, but with a little bit more”. A soup-to-nuts, detailed, per-employee training budget. A budget that you can take directly to senior management and show the long plan you have for your employees.

Hard to connect training to goals and objectives

Each training has an underlying purpose. It’s not just to check a box for the employee “[x] phone training complete”. In order to make the training stick, and I mean really stick, it needs to connect to organizational goals.

  • For the employee that might mean a promotion from Engineer I to Engineer II.
  • For the department that might mean having another skilled engineer who can take on larger and higher-value projects.
  • For the organization that might mean starting a new venture based on that engineer’s project and creating an entirely new market.

How should you translate training goals into the big picture of the organization…

Training can be an accelerator that drives change. It can only do that by connecting the training to the organization’s goals and objectives. That’s is the real reason why training is needed.

… by connecting your training directly with the organizational need.

An A-to-Z training plan that shows how each employee can grow and contribute to the organization can be invaluable. With a guided path you can help each employee grow as much as they can and become a better, more skilled employee.

Imagine if you had a plan for the next 3, 6, and 12 months of training

With a long term training plan for the next 3, 6, and 12 months you can shift from reactive to proactive. You’ll know exactly who needs what training, why, and when they need to complete it. Each employee will understand how each session fits into the bigger picture. And getting the budget allocated for training will be a cinch.

Once employees see the bigger picture of each training, they’ll connect and engage with you more. This makes the training better for everyone.

Steer your organization by improving its employees

The feeling of advancement wouldn’t be limited to only the employee though. How would you feel showing up to work each day and seeing your employees improve and achieve more, because of the training you gave them? You’ve helped both the employee’s life and the organization as a whole. If you keep this up, who knows what might happen. Double your budget? An unexpected bonus? Maybe even a promotion?

Create a crystal clear picture of an employees training and development path

This all comes from a crystal clear picture of an employee’s training and development path. From where they’ve been, to where they are now, and finally to where they are going. Along with the employee’s input, you’ll know that they agree and want to walk this path.

See what an employee is trained in…

Over time as each employee works on their training plan, you’ll be able to have visibility into where they’re at and whats left with their training. No longer will you have to say “I’ll get back to you” when you’re asked how an employee’s training is going. You’ll have a clear picture and be able to confidently know exactly how it’s going.

To be completely open, managers can access their employee’s training. This will both save you time and also let the manager incorporate the training feedback directly into their department’s day-to-day work.

…and where they are lacking training

Noticing gaps in training has become easier now. With a system that tracks all of their training, gaps become as clear as day. This gives you the opportunity to address these gaps before they turn into problems for you or your employee.

Having a clear picture of where an employee is at, where they are going, and how to steer their training to meet the organization’s goals and objectives will improve every aspect of your job.

Chirk HR is a web-based software application that lets you spend more time training and developing your employees.

Give anyone access to the training history with an unlimited number of user accounts

Each account can have unlimited user accounts so everyone in your department can access and use Chirk HR at the same time. You don’t need to worry about per-user licensing fees.

Even if you have a small team or it’s just you, you can give non-trainers access. Managers who want to keep informed about their employees training can have an account as well as upper management to get a birds-eye view.

Access your training database from anywhere and anytime with a web browser

Chirk HR is web based and can be accessed anywhere from any device. Chirk HR is also designed to be mobile friendly so you can access the full website on the go. Big buttons. Clear pages. You’ll like it!

Search for anything and everything you need: Employees, trainings, classes, everything.

The power of a digital training system is that you can search and find anything in seconds. Compared to sifting through dozens of paper files, the search feature will let you find the information you’re looking for quickly. Minus the paper cuts.

Grow alongside your business

When your organization is ready to grow you can easily upgrade your plan at any time. You don’t need to make another purchase, call someone, or worry about when you’ll get more licenses.

Automatic updates with no work from you

Forget about doing software updates or worrying about using an old version. With Chirk HR’s software as a service (SaaS), you will always be running the latest version. New features and fixes will be automatically installed on Chirk HR’s servers so you don’t have to get IT involved.

But first, here is a free gift to help your training

As much as I’d like to have you start using Chirk HR today, I can understand that it might be more of a commitment than you’re looking for right now. Instead I’d like to give you a gift first. Click the link below and enter your work email and I’ll rush over a short report that shows you 10 training opportunities that you (and your employees) are missing out on.